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St. Patrick’s Day

on March 17, 2012

St. Patrick's Day

17 blocks

Little Bear has been counting down to St. Patrick’s Day all week, so she couldn’t wait to add March 17th to the calendar. She counted out the date in green Duplos and used them to build a tower following an AB pattern. She also built a St. Patrick’s Day garden of green Duplo flowers, though Baby Bear demolished it before I got a picture.

After a lazy morning and late brunch, we kicked off the afternoon by reading a simple biography of Saint Patrick, The Story of Saint Patrick. We also read St. Patrick’s Day Alphabet for a second time, then listened to some traditional Irish music and watched a video clip of an Irish jig.

Next, Little Bear followed a trail of shamrocks to find a pot of gold that a leprechaun had left under the dining table. Our leprechaun was a poor leprechaun who shopped the after-Mardi Gras sale at Dollar Tree, so our pot of gold included green and gold plastic coins. We divided these by color, and Little Bear and I took turns trying to toss our coins back into the pot. After each round, we counted the coins that landed inside the pot and compared numbers.

Fill 'n' spill ...

Coin toss ...

Little Bear loved this activity, and by the third round, became fairly proficient at getting her coins back into the pot. Baby Bear was also captivated, probably because we were tossing around shiny, noisy objects. She crawled around picking up the coins that missed their target and gleefully dropped them into the pot … pausing only occasionally to taste them.

We continued our fun with some Play-Doh time and a shamrock coloring page. Little Bear spent the better part of an hour rolling green dough, cutting out shamrocks, and giving them faces. She enjoyed the coloring page as well, although she did insist on making a rainbow of her shamrock.

St. Paddy Play-Doh fun

We took a break for a couple of episodes of Sid the Science Kid and some random just-for-fun reading. Then, I broke out a package of shamrock stickers. I started two patterns and let Little Bear complete them. She created two more of her own. She also used the stickers to outline the letter Pp for St. Patrick’s Day.

Shamrock patterns

We wrapped up the day’s activities with some painting fun. Little Bear used a bell pepper dipped in green paint to stamp shamrocks on sheets of white paper.

Pp is for Patrick

Bell pepper shamrock prints

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