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First Day of Spring

on March 20, 2012

Spring flowers

It’s felt like spring for most of the past month here in Texas, but since today marked the official start of the season, we spent much of the day outside. We began the day by using our senses to observe signs of the changing season. Little Bear saw …

  • green grass
  • new leaves
  • buds on bushes
  • tiny flowers
  • a bird on a nest
  • several noisy crows
  • ants scurrying around
  • an orange and black butterfly
  • people wearing short sleeves
  • children playing in the sun
  • open windows

Blue skies and young leaves

A noisy crow ...

She heard …

  • the wind blowing
  • birds singing
  • squirrels chattering
  • the sounds of other people enjoying fresh air and sunshine

She felt …

  • the warm sun on her shoulders
  • the warm earth beneath her
  • the wind in her face
  • squishy dirt softened by recent rains
  • tender, young leaves
  • a roly-poly wriggling around in her palm

Ah, spring!

Ll is for leaf

A girl and her leaf ...

We’ve had strong winds and stormy weather the past couple of nights, so the yard was littered with small twigs and sprigs of leaves. Little Bear collected a couple of handfuls of leaves and used them to form our letter of the week, Ll. She also grouped the leaves she’d found by type, sorted them according to size, and counted out the date in leaves. She climbed up in her favorite tree and spent a few minutes pretending she was a bird perched atop her nest. Then, she was off again, collecting more leaves, playing with a neighbor, building a tower of twigs, digging in the soil, drumming on the metal fence surrounding the pool and trying to figure out why a stick made more noise when she used it to strike the hollow metal fence than when she banged it on the ground.

We headed indoors for lunch and Baby Bear’s nap time. Little Bear and I read The Grouchy Ladybug, Library Lion, Is Your Mama a Llama?, and The Lion and the Little Red Bird (Picture Puffins)while Baby Bear slept. Little Bear also used Duplos to build the letter Ll, finished a reading lesson she’d started last night, and read a couple of sight word readers to me.  Once Baby Bear awoke, we headed back outside to enjoy more beautiful spring weather while tackling some more written work. Little Bear completed a couple of initial consonant sound worksheets and a size comparison worksheet, then practiced writing the letter Ll. We wrapped up our day’s activities with some shadow play and a game of Red Light, Green Light.

Ll is for little sister

The Letter Ll


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