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The Week in Review — Letter Ll

on March 24, 2012

As the week wound to a close, we finished most of the Letter Ll activities we had planned, plus a few more. On the math front, Little Bear compared groups of lemons and limes, made equal groups of lemons and limes, added lemons and limes, and made patterns from lemons and limes.

Balancing act ...

Lemon-Lime Addition

Tomorrow, we’re planning to juice some of our lemons and limes, see which produces more juice, then turn the juice into limeade and lemon bars.

On the science front, we read about light and identified sources of light. Little Bear observed that the sun was the largest and brightest source of light. We played with shadows, using both the sun and a flashlight.

For social studies, we began learning about landforms with a look at mountains, valleys, hills, deserts, and islands.

For language arts, Little Bear made Ll’s out of leaves and Legos, practiced writing the letter Ll, brainstormed a list of words that started with Ll, and sorted picture cards according to whether they began or ended with Ll. We also read all of our planned letter Ll read-alouds.

Our ladder-climbing excursion to one of the parks in town had to be cancelled because both cubs have runny noses, fevers, and earaches yet again. But we did manage to have plenty of hands-on letter Ll fun outside our own apartment.

Ll is for look -- looking for signs of spring ...

A mother bird on her nest

Bloom and flower

A bird in the grass

Along with looking for signs of spring, Little Bear saw how high and how far she could leap and discovered how much she could lift. She listened for animal sounds. She formed Ll’s out of twigs, leaves, rocks, and flowers and practiced writing Ll’s in the sand.


We also had some Ll fun inside. I pulled our Melissa & Doug Latches Board out of the toy closet, and both girls enjoyed using their motor skills to open and close the latches. Little Bear also honed her fine motor skills by making long chains of monkeys, by digging L’s out of Theraputty and by forming Ll’s with Play-Doh. She built with Legos almost daily and humored me by building with Lauri Locktagons one afternoon.

Ll is for latches

Ll is for loud (and laughing)

Ll is for long

Little Bear has asked whether we can focus on Ll again next week — in large part, I suspect, because she wants to go ladder-climbing at the riverfront park (which boasts much taller ladders than our usual playground of choice. We’ve still got 14 letters to go, though, and I’d like to finish the alphabet before her 4th birthday. It’s time to move on to Mm — and maybe Mommy can take her little monkeys to the magnificent climbing park this coming week!

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