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The Week Ahead — Seeds and the Letter Mm

on March 26, 2012

As we move into the coming week, we’ll be learning about seeds and focusing on the letter Mm. Our seed study will be based on the following books:

Planned activities include …

  • sprouting seeds in a plastic bag to observe growth
  • sprouting broccoli and radish seeds to eat
  • exploring the life cycle of a seed and recounting with sequencing cards
  • planting seeds outdoors
  • sorting seeds according to size
  • pouring and measuring seeds
  • playing a tactile matching game using balloons filled with different kinds of seeds
  • making a seed mosaic
  • discussing what seeds need to germinate
  • identifying and sampling edible seeds
  • hunting for seeds in the fruits and vegetables we eat

Planned activities for the letter Mm include …

Mm Lunch
Macaroni and mixed vegetables; Muenster cheese; miniature muffins; mango; mandarin oranges; milk.

Paint with marbles. Paint with magnet. Make a footprint monkey. Use magnetic shapes to make pictures.

Memorize John 10:27. Read the story of Miriam and discuss ways in which Miriam was a good older sister. Discuss the quality of mercy.

Make monkey bread.

Fine Motor Skills
Put sticker stamps on envelopes. Drop “mail” through slot in shoebox mailbox. Play magnetic fishing game. Complete simple mazes.

Gross motor skills
Move to music. March.

Language Arts
Transform uppercase Mm into mountains or decorate with colored macaroni. Marble paint a lowercase Mm. Identify words that begin and end with Mm. Learn “Little Miss Muffet.” Read the following books aloud:

Sort M&M’s by color. Use M&M’s to make patterns. Add groups of M&M’s. Play matching games. Learn to distinguish between pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters.

Learn “I Will Sing of the Mercies of the Lord Forever” and “The Tale of the Sun and the Moon.”

Social Studies
Begin learning about maps.

Read What Makes a Magnet?. Play in magnet sensory bin. Experiment with Magnetic Match Rings. Build an electromagnet.

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