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Seeds and Such

on March 28, 2012

Digging into a seed study

Today was filled with a mish-mash of hands-on learning. Little Bear had ballet early this morning; then, we came home and dove into our study of seeds. We hauled a tub of pinto beans outside for some scooping, pouring, measuring, and sensory fun and soon had two neighbors join our “class.” Apparently 3- and 4-year-olds find dried beans fascinating. The activity that I’d prepared solely for Little Bear really wasn’t big enough to accommodate three sets of little hands, though. Little Bear eventually crawled up in my lap for some story time and left the boys to play in her bean tub without her. Of course, once the boys realized that books were being read, they too abandoned the bean tub and joined us.

The favorite read-aloud of the morning was without debate Seeds! Seeds! Seeds! by Nancy Wallace. In fact, by the time we got to the end, Little Bear was begging to do all the projects the book’s main character did herself. (I should have seen that coming and planned accordingly.) We also identified various types of seeds, organized seeds according to size, and brainstormed a list of edible seeds.

Are these seeds edible?

A spent seed pod ...

While we were reading about seeds and discussing them, Baby Bear was busy finding them … along with sundry other objects. She first came toddling over to the picnic table with a spent magnolia seedpod she’d found on the ground. A couple of passes later, she showed up with a grass seed head hanging from her mouth. Her final “discovery” of the morning was brown and seed-shaped, but decidedly not a seed. Oh, well … 2 out of 3 isn’t bad — especially at 11 months old!

NOT a seed!

With lunch time fast approaching, we bid the neighbors good-bye and headed back inside. We tossed a handful of seeds into a bowl to soak. We’ll observe changes for a day or two, then attempt to sprout them in a plastic bag. (I’m not really expecting grocery store dried beans to sprout, so we tossed a few garden seeds into the bowl as well.) Little Bear then sat down to watch an episode of Sid the Science Kid, while I fixed her much-awaited M-themed lunch. Today’s meal included macaroni and cheese, mixed vegetable chips, melon kebobs, mango (fresh and dried), a blueberry muffin, and mozzarella cubes. It wasn’t the most colorful of letter meals, but was relatively healthy — and her smile shows just how well it was received.

Letter Mm lunch

After lunch, Little Bear completed coloring, cutting, and tracing activities, then watched an episode of SuperWhy while I got Baby Bear to sleep. We enjoyed a few more read-alouds during nap time, reviewed tonight’s Awana lesson, and did a few of the calendar time activities that we hadn’t had time for before ballet this morning.

Five ballerinas ... and 48 puzzle pieces

We wrapped up our day’s activities with a new 48-piece ballet-themed floor puzzle, one of the larger puzzles Little Bear has tackled. She needed some help figuring out which pieces went where, but put it together on her own, saw it through to completion, and had fun in the process.

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