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Mm is for Mommy

on March 29, 2012

Mm is for Mommy Date

As we continued our Letter Mm activities today, we focused on one of my favorite topics — Mommies. We began the day with the story of Hannah, then read one of my favorite books, A Ride on Mother’s Back: A Day of Baby Carrying around the World, before it was time to head out for Little Bear’s weekly speech therapy appointment.

Once therapy ended, we picked up some lunch and headed to the park for a Mommy date. It seems that we practically live outside these days, but with highs already pushing 90 degrees, I know that beautiful sunny days will give way to blistering heat all too soon. Getting the girls outside as often as possible during these relatively comfortable days is high on my priority list. Plus, any mommy-themed day practically begs for a Mommy-Daughter date, and the girls are still young enough to prefer the cheap fun of the park over expensive trips to the mall!

Monkeying around ...

Making progress ..

Both girls enjoyed the rare fast food lunch, but the playground definitely trumped lunch. Little Bear had complained that she was “starving” as we drove to the park (one we hadn’t visited before), but when she caught sight of the climbing structures, she quickly lost interest in her food, and I had to beg her to eat at least a few bites before trying out all the new activities.

Making noise ...

Baby Bear took time to eat, but soon followed in the footsteps of her sister. She paused briefly at the base of the toddler staircase, so I helped her with the first couple of stairs, then directed her toward the low toddler side. She’d gained confidence on that small staircase, though, and there was no stopping her. In a flash, her short legs were climbing the stairs to the big kid portion of the play area, and I saw my “baby” girl toddling fearlessly toward the 9-foot slide her big sister had just gone down.

… Much as I try to encourage the girls to try new things and rise to new challenges, I was NOT ready to stand by and watch my 11-month old dive headfirst down a slide that towered more than 3 feet above *my* head. I joined the girls on the play structure in near record time and redirected Little Miss Daring to a slide that was only six or so feet off the ground.

Making memories ...

After an hour or so of play, we headed home so that Baby Bear could nap and Little Bear could tackle some more formal work. Little Bear practiced spelling Mommy with letter cubes, then traced the word Mommy in a rainbow of colors while I got Baby Bear to sleep. We shared a few more books and relaxed while watching an episode of Diego. Then, we headed to the kitchen for this week’s Letter Mm cooking project: Monkey Bread.

I showed Little Bear how to cut biscuits in quarters and guided her through cutting up three or four, then gave her one to try on her own. She carefully held the biscuit with one hand, held the knife with the other, and started to cut — right above where her fingers were. I caught her hand before she could do any damage, but quickly realized that Montessori theory notwithstanding, I’m really not ready to let my 3 1/2-year-old learn how to use a real knife. We struck a deal, and I cut the rest of the biscuits while she rolled them in sugar and cinnamon (which she had measured and mixed — math in action!) and put them in the pan.

Rolling biscuit pieces in cinnamon and sugar

Mm is for Monkey Bread

Little Bear spent some time playing in a magnet sensory bin, while I fixed breakfast for dinner to go along with our monkey bread. We wrapped up our day by examining the bean seeds we began soaking yesterday and by putting some broccoli seed in a bowl to soak for sprouts.

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  1. What a great day for learning about the letter M! It all looks like such fun – good job mama!

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